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Kick Off

Learning Outcome

KO-06 Demonstrate the ability to develop a clear Mentor-Mentee Partnership Agreement that documents how the partnership will: 1) communicate, 2) work together toward accomplishment of the mentee’s goals, 3) resolve issues/challenges that arise, and 4) focus on successful completion of program requirements and the application of what the mentee is learning in his/her work environment.   

Leadership & Planning

Learning Outcome

LSP-04. Using resources available to assist in the development of leadership skills (e.g. the Microsoft Competency Wheel), demonstrate the ability to identify areas of growth and to develop an individual growth plan to address those areas over time.

Educational Technology

Learning Outcome

EdT-01.  Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Common Core standards; a variety of technology tools, devices, and resources that can be used by the teacher to accomplish the Common Core standards; and how those tools, resources, and devices will impact your department and your organization’s infrastructure.

EdT-03. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the SAMR model of technology integration in the TK-12 classroom.

Professional Learning

Learning Outcome

PL-06. Demonstrate a working knowledge of how to determine need for professional learning as well as how to plan, design, and customize professional learning for specific audiences.

Fiscal Management

Learning Outcome

FM-07.  Demonstrate a working knowledge of budgeting, budget controls and the K12 budgeting calendar.


FM-08.  Demonstrate a working knowledge of Management Accounting.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Learning Outcome

SeF-05. Demonstrate a working knowledge of one or more tools used in network security.


SeF-06.  Demonstrate the ability to apply what they have learned from SANS Security Control network security tools to improve network security.

Organizational Management

Learning Outcome

OrM-05.  Demonstrate a working knowledge of how to use vision, mission, and goals to direct organizational focus and performance.

OrM-07.  Demonstrate familiarity with the tools of IT Governance.


OrM.08.  Demonstrate the ability to apply skills by working with performance metrics in the form of CSFs and KPIs.

Personnel Management

Learning Outcome

PeM-07.  Demonstrate a working knowledge of recommended practices for the documentation and remediation of unsatisfactory employee performance.

PeM-08.  Demonstrate the ability to apply skills using the FRISK method for employee reprimand.

Staff and Student Centered Aspects

Learning Outcomes

SSA-04. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the requirements of record maintenance, storage and retrieval.

SSA-06. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the role of the custodian of records and the responsibilities of that position.

Project Management

Learning Outcomes

PrM-05. Demonstrate the ability to apply Project Management Initiation and Planning Tools to gain board approval to implement a technology project.

Technology Infrastructure and Data Systems

Learning Outcomes

TID-03.  Demonstrate an understanding of the connections between federal, state, and local systems (System of Systems).

TID-7.  Demonstrate a working knowledge of the RFP/bidding process for your local education agency.

Assessment and Accountability

Learning Outcomes

AsA-05. Apply best practices to report achievement data to non-educator stakeholder groups.

Strategic Leadership

Learning Outcomes

SL-03. Demonstrate the ability to show professional growth in leadership related to the individual development plan.

SL-04. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate the progress and learning that resulted from the Mentor-Mentee Partnership.

Technology Policies, Standards, and Plans

Learning Outcomes

TPS-07.  Demonstrate the ability to apply what was learned regarding policies and procedures to create or revise a policy.

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