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Podcasts I've recorded over the years...


Language Census (R30) - Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh
Testing & Accountability for EL Programs - Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh
WiMax & LTE Technologies - Emil Ahangarzadeh
Collaboration & Expertise - Emil Ahangarzadeh
Special Education, Section 504 Plans... - Emil Ahangarzadeh
Translations - Emil Ahangarzadeh
Computer Forensics - Emil Ahangarzadeh
Decision Making - Emil Ahangarzadeh
Staffing - Emil Ahangarzadeh
Staffing part 2 - Emil Ahangarzadeh

Language Census (R30)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the annual language census but were afraid to ask.  Very technical.  The first third of the netcast covers the basics.  The back 20 minutes are intended for those who actually work with the R30.



Testing and Accountability for EL Programs

Published in 2007, the podcast provides an overview of the CELDT, Aprenda, and AMAOs--all aspects of testing, assessment, and accountability for English learner programs in California.



WiMax and LTE Technologies

Emil Ahangarzadeh interviews Chris Brawner, Media and Communications Services Senior Director for San Diego County Office of Education, about the uses of WiMax and LTE technologies in education.



Collaboration & Expertise

This podcast features Murray Jennex in a discussion of research on collaboration efforts.



Special Education, Section 504 plans, and a few odds and ends

Will a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plan take precedence over provisions of Proposition 227?  What if an IEP or 504 accommodation plan clearly states that no standardized tests are to be given?




What is the 15% and above rule?  Frequently Asked Questions about CA's Education Code regarding translating school documents.




Computer Forensics & C.A.T.C.H.

This podcast features a discussion with Brendan McHugh on the basics of computer forensics.




Decision Making

Interview with Dr. Murray Jennex regarding decision making processes in IT and educational adminstration.





Must teachers in CA instructing ELs have specific authorization to do so?





Staffing part 2

A more detailed explaination about EL instructional authorization.


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